Monday, July 19, 2004

I, Robot Generic Review

I, Robot Generic Review

No Spoilers.

I saw the newly released movie I, Robot starring Will Smith and I was surprised to find that it was an excellent film. I saw it because I am a fan of Asimov's stories and the I, Robot series so I wanted to see what they could do to it on the big screen.

With a blockbuster lead actor and a $100 million+ budget, I figured they would Hollywood this one up. The film's only hope to keep it from selling out was its director, Alex Proyas (Crow, Dark City).

The plot of the movie resembles very little about the Asimov stories, a few things, characters here and there; however, some of the key ideas and I would say the essence of the stories worked its way in to the movie and represented the kind of "this is your likely future and here is what can go wrong" idea Asimov liked to toy with in his books. Also, the standard twist elements that makes science fiction good scifi are in the movie as well, making it interesting for fans like me.

The action sequences which are usually devoid in scifi thrillers, were still present but used in moderation to the point that they fit right in and were actually entertaining to watch, especially since it was masterfully worked in with the movie's story flow. There is still a ton of dialogue, character development and some mysteries for geeks like me who want their movies to stimulate their brain so I highly recommend this one, scifi fan or not.

One reviewer from the New York Times said of the movie, " of the smarter dumb movies I've seen in a while."

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