Thursday, June 10, 2004

Bad 1980 Teamups

Bad 1980 Teamups

So we need an Airwolf vs. Blue Thunder movie. That's right. If they're going to have Freddy Vs. Jason, why should we stop at one 80's duo matchup. Knight Rider vs Automan, Wonder Twins vs. Manimal, Big Bird vs. Snuffleupagus, Snuff's powers of invisibility would kick the crap out of an eight foot bird. Prepare to molt Big.

I want to see Airwolf take on Blue Thunder in a chopper showdown. I think Airwolf would win, being designed for stealth and warfare. Airwolf was more of a military design and Blue Thunder a street-patrolling tool for the cops of the LAPD. The federally designed equipment wins out almost every time since there is usually more money for the budget. Airwolf made it into the lower parts of outerspace, there's no way Blue Thunder could catch it. Plus Airwolf had a darn fine navigator in Ernest Borgnine. Who did Schneider have on BT? The dumb burglar from Home Alone who was also the loser in City Slickers. He was cool as the adult voice of Kevin Arnold on The Wonder Years, but doing good voiceovers hardly qualifies you for navigator position on a state of the art flying machine.

Airwolf had the cooler theme song too.

As for the others, the victorious would be K.I.T.T. and Manimal.