Monday, June 21, 2004

Quit Killing Germs

Quit Killing Germs

Anti-bacterial soap is not only an unnecessary thing, it could be hazardous to your health; more importantly it could be hazardous to my health. The marketing ploy is to convince you that you are surrounded by armies of germs and you need to take the battle to them with these wipes or mops or sprays or soaps.

What's wrong with germs? We've survived 30,000 years with them in the worst possible conditions. As cavemen we ate raw meat after wiping our butts with our hands. The black plague thrived in destitute situations in Europe with people who were hygiene-ignorant throwing their waste out into the streets, living in knee-high squalor with the disease still only managing to kill 25 percent of them. So what do you think a line of dirt or old milk container or kid mucus is really going to do to your family?

As a kid, working on the farm where a good portion of the area's fly population liked to hang out, I would run an open fist across a panel of flies resting on a board and catch half a dozen of them or so in my hand. I would shake them up, get them all dizzy and let them go. This is how you entertained yourself on the farm. After I was done with my work, I'd go home and eat my dinner without washing up. That's right, and it was fried chicken and corn on the cob every night too, no pansy silverware for my "infected" hands to keep their distance. I never got sick, never missed a day of school or work due to illness. I'm as healthy as an ox (a healthy one).

Anti-bacterial products kill 99% of germs, including the good ones. They are making our immune system weaker by not allowing it to fight anything. What do you think will happen when the resistant strains start to multiply, the versions that your precious soaps won't kill? If you gave up hope on your immune system to fight the germs we have now, what chance do you think you will have against the supergerms? So cut it out. Just use spit and water to wash up before dinner - or nothing.