Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Coach Parcells Eats His Cleat

Coach Parcells Eats His Cleat

I said cleat!

NFL Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells had some 'splainin' to do about this comment:

Describing the calls of quarterbacks coach Sean Payton, Parcells said, "Sean is going to have a few ... no disrespect to the Orientals, but what we call 'Jap plays.' OK? Surprise things. No disrespect to anyone."

He later apologized for the comment.

"I made a very inappropriate reference," Parcells said. "Although I prefaced the remark, 'No disrespect to anyone intended,' it was still uncalled for and inconsiderate." The team followed with its own statement of apology.

What's funny and that which isn't addressed by Parcells or in the article is that referring to Asians as "orientals" is also considered offensive. Teas, rugs and music are oriental, not the people. They are Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Asian, from the East or from the Orient. So double whammy on Parcells but he only had to aporogize for one because no one called him on it.