Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Sealab 2021 Getting Attention

Sealab 2021 Getting Attention

Can there be a better show on television than Sealab 2021? I think not.

I was flipping through my new Wired today and in the fetish section, they have a piece on a flat screen
television and displayed on the screen was a scene from the genius Cartoon Network Adult Swim show Sealab 2021. It was the episode where Captain Murphy has his brain removed (Quinn was experimenting) and replaced with a mouse at mechanical controls.

Seeing this in the magazine excited me because 1) The world deserves to know about Sealab and 2) Wired continues to be hip by using hip material.

My favorite episode of Sealab 2021 has to be Lost In Time where a couple members of the crew, Stormy and Quinn, get stuck in a temporal loop and begin piling up each time they go back in time 15 minutes. Each instance of Stormy and Quinn get degeneratively worse as they go back in time and eventually devolve into some interesting things. But Stormy only saw the positive side and created his own dodgeball team of Stormys and Quinns.

The show has gone through some changes. One of the best characters on the show is Captain Murphy and the voice actor who did Murphy unfortunately died towards the end of last season. So no more Captain Murphy. I've seen the new episodes and they replaced Captain Murphy with a cowboy gym teacher who incidentally is voiced by the actor's son. He's not nearly as funny as Murphy but the rest of the crew pick up and do a decent job of filling in the void that Murphy left.

Just recently they had an episode where there was a Sealab and a Spacelab. Everyone on Sealab had a counterpart in Spacelab so there was a space Quinn, space Debbie, space Stormy and so forth. The Spacelab was monitoring an asteroid that was on a collision course with Earth. They ordered a tool that could destroy the asteroid and save Earth, a tool which happened to double as a High Definition Television known as the ASHDTV, Asteroid Smasher High Definition Television. They didn't want it for its HDTV properties, just the asteroid smasher part. However, since Spacelab and Sealab are very similar, just one is in space the other at the bottom of the ocean, the ASHDTV accidentally got delivered to Sealab. Of course the only thing the Sealab folks saw when they received the delivery was a high definition television and they put it to immediate use, destroying their old, small screen, crappy analog television. The repeated calls from Spacelab to Sealab to have them return the ASHDTV went unheeded and as a result, the asteroid impacted Earth and everyone was destroyed.

Nothing short of comedy brilliance I tell ya. Sealab 2021 and the rest of the Adult Swim shows for that matter (Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Harvey Birdman) are the best kept secret and hugely underrated shows currently on television.