Monday, August 02, 2004

Good place for a headline

Good place for a headline

"Warm one today. Warmer than yesterday. Gonna be even warmer tomorrow. [Plucks his banjo]" - Stewie Griffin in Family Guy, To Live And Die In Dixie

It's hot today.

Had a good weekend. All I did was get caught up on TiVo, play video games, watched TV and played more video games. The neighbor and his kids brought their Xbox over for some system link Halo. They are gluttons for my punishment but they're learning.

Mrs. Lock and I did go out for some lunch at some point and to the drugstore to pick up a stethescope to try and listen to the baby's heart on our own. It doesn't work (trying to hear the baby's heart, not the baby's heart itself). I think the part of the stethescope used to pick up the sound is too wide when we probably need to concentrate on a square inch to focus in on the heart beat. Right now, all we're hearing is Mrs. Lock's lunch pass through her digestive system and who cares about that? Not me.