Monday, August 23, 2004

Quinn Speaks, ATHF Say Goodbye

Quinn Speaks, ATHF Say Goodbye

"C'mon ppl, you know Sealab is prone to massive explosions!"
-- Dr. Quinn, Science Officer

Say it isn't so. Adult Swim as been advertising that Aqua Teen Hunger Force is being cancelled! I just can't believe it. Why cancel something that is obviously so creative and so hilarious? It's not easy being hip.

I keep thinking it might be just one giant joke since those characters at Williams Street Studios obviously have a bent sense of humor.

Oh well, if it does go off the air, I still have Sealab, Birdman and my new favorite show: Venture Brothers! It's the Tick without the Tick, sort of. Actually the Tick is in it, but not as the Tick. What cartoon voice can't Putty do?