Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Sound of Silence Seldom Soothing

Sound of Silence Seldom Soothing

How's that for alliteration?

As I write this, I am listening to a chorus of frogs and it sounds quite soothing.

It reminds me that I rely heavily on white noise at night to fall asleep. For this, I have always run a standard box fan when I go to bed. The fan runs all night and gets shut off when I get up. I can't remember if Mrs. Lock ever used white noise before she met me but now I think she expects to have something running when she's trying to sleep. I'm not sure how I got started on this. I didn't use this method to fall asleep as a kid. I think it started when I used to work midnight shifts and I wanted to insure a good day's sleep by drowning out the wide awake world that did their business while the sun was shining.

Recently, our box fan of seven years has started to sputter, ching, screech and sometimes not power up at all. We're losing our bed buddy and need to see about replacing it with something new. I've thought about digitally recording the sound of the fan, burning it to CD and playing it in our mp3 stereo the whole night, but that can't be good for the stereo to be running all night, every night for multiple years.

So I've thought about a sound machine; you know the kind you push a button which digitally plays a jukebox of natural or artificial sounds. Only problem is that those sound machines suck. They're single speaker, mono, no bass. It's like listening to - well, a piss poor recording of the actual sound like you called it on the telephone and asked for a playback.

Listening to these frogs chirping (or whatever the heck it is they do to produce sound) makes me think I can fall asleep to this. We're not used to hearing frogs where we live. We're not used to hearing crashing waves on a beach either but I bet that would work too.

I'll probably just break down and buy a new box fan. I have to get my sleep.