Friday, April 02, 2004

Fred Klett Talks About Black Holes

Comedian Fred Klett

I think scientists are starting to make stuff up. How do we know? We can't check the answers. They said that they discovered the black hole M87 which I'm pretty sure is between M88 and M86. 50 million light years away. That's how far it is. Light years. LIGHT YEARS! You know I'm sick and tired of acting like I know how far a light year is. I have no idea. Is it farther than a mile? And then they're more than willing to tells us how far it is. They said a light year is the distance light travels. Light travels? I've never even seen it pack! They said that a light year is the distance light travels in one year which is approximately 6 trillion miles. 6 trillion miles. TRILLION! There's a number I use in my checking account every day. 186,000 miles per second. Who measured that? Did one scientist with a flashlight tell another scientist, "No back up a little farther." 6 trillion miles. So 50 million times 6 trillion we all know what that number is - it's way far away.

M87 and there it is a black hole. Like we know what that is. A black hole. But scientists are more than willing to tell us what that is. A black hole is a super nova or giant star. Super nova or giant star. Giant star, got that one. Super nova? What? a nova that's way better than the other novas? 'I am super nova. I am here to help you.'

So a black hole is a super nova or a giant star that is so large that it collapses onto itself and is so dense the gravity is so powerful that even light can't escape it. Even light can't escape. That's what this scientist said. Even light can't escape.

Now this where I think I got them. That proves they're making stuff up. Even light can't escape. You know what they said that means? They can't see it! But we discovered this! 50 million light years away. And how did we discover it? We use the Hubble telescope to discover a black hole that you CAN'T SEE!

I would've loved to have been there to see when those pictures came in. Just to look at the scientists. "Uh, I can't see anything. Eureka! Just tell them it's a black hole."