Friday, April 30, 2004



I'm not sure if it's because the day before I fly out for vacation or it's just one of those days, but I've got a few things on my mind that I'm going to ramble about.


Yesterday at the oil change place, they tried to run me over with my own car. The guy tried starting the engine, he didn't realize it was a stick, killed the engine but my Jeep kept rolling. The check out line at the cash out spot extends in front of the oil change bay so I had to quickly step aside to avoid getting hit. The guy who did it, after getting my Jeep to finally stop, got out and laid down on the concrete floor. He was freaked out so it was pretty funny to me.

Political Mumbo Jumbo

I had a discussion with a guy at work today. I won't post the conversation, it's way too long besides I've already said most of what I said today in this blog at some point. I would like to say something (controversial) that I think I'll add to my list of personal quotes.

A flag burner is more patriotic than those that want to ban his actions.

That's it. People have the wrong idea about what patriotism is. It isn't blindly serving your President or his agenda. It's quite the opposite. It's questioning those that represent us, holding them to their actions relentlessly because their actions become our actions. The government works for us, it's not the other way around and people keep forgetting that. Patriotism is something the founding fathers wanted but banning flag burning or any other expression is a restriction of freedom of speech, the first right granted to us in this country's Constitution.

I just remembered, I already have a similar quote. Oh well. A great mind thinks alike.

In The News

To stop the renewed fighting in Fallujah, our military has sent in a former Republican Guard General, a Saddam Baathist with a security force to calm the city. Uh. Who's in charge here? Didn't we go there to overthrow this regime and said till we were blue in the face, Saddam is not coming back? What kind of signal do you think this sends?

Bragging Rights

I got a Google email account before the service has even been widely released to the rest of the Internet public. Blogger users can sign up for one while the program is in beta and I got the account name I wanted, a name I can never get anywhere because it and 500 mutant variations like it already existed. Oh happy day.

Funny Weird

I just ran a spell check on my entry here using the Blogger spell check tool and it did not recognize the word 'blog.' The suggestions for replacement are: Bloch (What's a Bloch as a proper noun?), blows, bloke, blocs, block, bloc, bolos, bloc's, blouse, and blocky. How does a premier blogging site not have an entry in its spell checker tool for the very service they're offering? That's like the dictionary missing the words 'reference' or 'book.'

Ha, it suggested 'flogging' as a replacement for 'blogging.' Sometimes I feel like I'm flogging when I write.