Monday, April 26, 2004

Ronald McDonald Is Spinning In His Clown Grave

Ronald McDonald Is Spinning In His Clown Grave

I got a hold of what looks like an official business site that produces large display banners for the McDonald's restaurant chain (thank McMike for the link) and had a little fun with what I wouldn't mind seeing actually displayed on one/all of their establishments.

I sent Mrs. Lock the link since she is a former employee of the fast food giant and she actully made most of these. Only the McRibbed one is mine.

We actually like the Big 'N Tasty. It's just a catchy title.

Sure it'd be easy to Photoshop these without the website, but since these are actual banners that you can purchase and have mass produced, I'd like to think our creative input is showing up in some webserver log either driving a webmaster red with rage, pink with laughter or the more likely scenario bored to death because we're not doing anything he hasn't seen a thousand times.

I'm hoping the parody provision of the copyright laws lets me get away with displaying these. We shall see.