Friday, April 16, 2004

TiVo Will Change Your Life

TiVo Will Change Your Life

Just listen to these testimonies:

"TiVo, TiVo, TiVo. What a Godsend!" - George in Tacoma

"TiVo saved my boy from drowning in a retention pond that he was dumb enough to fall into. Oh thank you TiVo!" - Maple in Savannah

"TiVo makes me eggs and pancakes every morning when I wake up. I can't live without my TiVo." - Donald in Albany

"If TiVo left me, I'd kill myself - and not painlessly either. I'd find a real sick and torturous way to do it." - Candy in Ft. Worth

Well said Candy.
For the current TiVo owners, let's talk shop. I have 26 Season Passes. Here is a screenshot of my top 5 that I have to have.

TiVo is a great product and it will change your life. It saves me money.
1) I can whiz through commercials during my recorded programs. Since time is money, I save on both. Also, the product message of the commercial can't appeal to me to spend more money on it so I'm not affected by its colorful and attractive ad (I probably shouldn't have said that since my bachelors is in Advertising).

And 2) Instead of buying all of these newly released television series on DVD, I can just tell TiVo to grab whatever episodes it can find and I'll just watch them there.

I wish there was a way TiVo could export my Season Pass list to html (or text would even work) so I can keep an online running database of it. It's a geek thing, I know. But wouldn't it be cool? Work on that TiVo if you would.