Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Political Compass

Political Compass

Here is a site, Political Compass which explains its view on a person's political makeup that I'm coming around to adopting. I have complained before that the two main political parties in the United States have some doctrines that contradict their own party's idea or what people expect of their party - which always confused me about what they stood for. But in my old view, I saw a person's political affiliation as both social and political and now I know that's all wrong. It's all political What it actually breaks down to is social and economic, both under the political umbrella and that makes more sense to me.

I have referred to myself as politically conservative yet socially liberal when I should've been saying economically conservative and socially liberal. Even those two terms, conservative and liberal are misnomers. I don't like how they're used. You can thank the political P.R. machine for using inaccurate labels for that. It's like the People's Republic of China. What's so Republic about it?

I took the test at this website and my result: Economic = +.5; Social = -3.90

What does this mean? I see by the website's graph it approaches a belief in an Anarchism system which I've long believed is the way to go. My economic number which is near-centrist/barely right-wing, is that way because I answered questions in which the arts should be supported. Otherwise, I would've had a more "right-wing" score. It deducted right-wing points all because I like a good show and I think a nation's people should support creativity.

For me the relationship of the two axis is a natural one. The further right you go, the further down you should go. Less restrictions on everything, more freedom. The fourth quadrant is the place to be.