Sunday, May 30, 2004

Wheel Of Life Keeps Turning

Wheel Of Life Keeps Turning

My wife, Mrs. Lock, woke me up this morning. We had a big day ahead of us with her family coming over for a Memorial Day reunion and I didn't have the luxury to sleep in too late. But that didn't mean I wasn't going to try. I was lying in bed on my side, she came in and tapped me on the shoulder.

"Rrrrr," I grunted.

"[Lock], you awake?" she asked.

"Mmmmmm," I answered, eyes still shut.

"You're going to be a daddy."

I've never moved this fast in the bed but I did a lightning roll over to face her, my eyes still weary of the light. I said groggily, "I am?"


"Oh! That's great," I exclaimed trying to show excitement in my drowsy state.

Then I complained to her about not being there while she took the pregnancy test. My comatose state probably discouraged her from waking me to wait on a test that had a chance of coming up negative and that would have made me grumpy the whole day for having been stirred from sleep just to watch my wife pee.

And for the record, this was our first try. Oh yeah! My swimmers wear a red cape and have a little 'S' embroidered on their chest. Unfortunately though, this means I won't be getting that summer orgy I was promised.

So it's on to the next stage of my life. I have a good marriage, good house, good education, good income, lots of material possessions (too many), retirement fund is in motion, we have good cars, good friends, a blog I like to write in and we're healthy. I am very fortunate.

When I write the entries for my blog, I imagine my offspring reading them, realizing how their parents thought or felt about certain things. It's to let them know that parents are (children would say were) real people with similar issues, thoughts, philosophies that they'll go through. I'll get into this topic later, but I have always thought of my blog existing for an audience of my descendants. Similarly, my entries are my children. I write a blog for the same reason people procreate - immortality and I'm hitting a double.

Incidentally, I have to keep this entry unpublished until we decide to announce it publicly because many people I know read my blog for some strange reason. I have insisted many times that they can forget my blog's URL but those gluttons for punishment keep coming back. If you don't think they suffer reading my entries, imagine the groans when I referred to my Super Sperm just now. I'll publish this when everyone I know knows. I can also talk about the process as we go through it and my thoughts on the matter, life, death, immortality and you can expect you'll get my special "Lock" view on these popular topics.