Monday, May 15, 2006

2005 TV Season

Season and series finale time. Lots of intense episodes on lately making me a busy tv watcher. I have to say goodbye to a couple of shows this season. After eight years, West Wing is now officially off the air. I'm really going to miss that show. A very smart and engaging program. It almost made you feel politicians were actually useful...almost. It is fiction after all.

I followed Prison Break in its debut. I just saw the season finale tonight. After it was over, I asked Mrs. Lock if I should give season two a chance. She said no and that it was dumb. I have to partially agree. It started off strong, but there's not much the show could do in one setting (prison). They had an illuminati type subplot going on on the side, but it just wasn't enough. Plus all the gaping holes and ridiculous situations that could never happen, which doesn't stop me from thinking 24 is the best show on TV, so I can't really fault it for that. Both shows are guilty of pulling off impossible stunts, just 24 makes it interesting to watch. Prison Break didn't have a whole lot to back it up. So I gotta say goodbye to that show. Thanks for an entertaining season.

Doctor Who, another new show I gave a chance. It started off quirky, then got serious. It was obvious to me that the different episodes are directed by different people. You'd have a silly army of mannequins in one episode (pilot) and then world war 2 ghost orphans haunting a city in another. Aliens on a space station in another and screwing around with the time continuum in another. The show was all over the place which means there were parts to love and parts to make you say 'eh.' So I think I put my time in for Doctor Who for its rookie season and I believe I'm done. It just depends how my TV show dinner plate looks next season. I might find room for it but for the time being it's on the chopping block. I did the same to Lost last season. Gave it a chance, walked away from it before the start of season two. Haven't missed it.

Another favorite show of mine is ending its eight year run this week. That 70's Show, a very hilarious and tongue in cheek sitcom with great characters is going off the air after Thursday. I enjoy the reruns now. It's the poor man's Friends, a little less stuffy and fun. Kelso, what an idiot.

In the coming months, it doesn't mean all reruns. I'm very much looking forward to the return of Venture Bros., Deadwood plus whatever else might be coming back that I don't know about. Won't need to pack the TiVo. It'll be busy this summer too.