Sunday, May 21, 2006

The DaVinci Code

I saw the DaVinci Code this weekend. I enjoyed the book which is rare for me to enjoy any book that doesn't have the word Dune in the title. Mrs. Lock bought me the author's previous title Demons & Angels which I flew through as well. If you've read either of those books, you've read them both. Very similar.

The movie was good. Mrs. Lock and I enjoyed it as well as the other people in our party. I've heard some critics panned it with bad reviews although I didn't bother to read those reviews. The only one I've seen is from Ebert & Roeper and they gave it 2 thumbs up and actually said it was better than the book. The movie had a very good opening at the box office so what do critics know? Not a lot. That's why they're critics and not artists.

The scenes in the movies were exactly how I pictured them when I read the book. This is either a testament to the author's descriptive abilities or the director's interpretations. Well done there.

I can't mention this story without making a comment on the controversy it has spawned. People seem to forget, first of all, this is fiction. The job of a storyteller is to make you believe and if he has to use made up evidence in a real world setting, he is going to do that to get your attention. It just shows how testy people get about their religion and if a book/movie is threatening your faith and causing you to have second thoughts about your belief, you have other issues that should be addressed before blaming a piece of entertainment.

DaVinci code or not, odds are Jesus Christ was real, he was mortal and he probably married and/or had kids. That's the way legends go. The man is real, the story is enhanced. There was a Beowulf most likely. Whether or not he slayed a dragon by swimming underwater for days is probably not that accurate but it was based on something.

I saw an article that the water Jesus was reported to have walked on was probably frozen at the time. Sounds good to me. That I can believe.