Saturday, May 20, 2006

Dream Journal

Thursday night, I got home late and took the laptop to bed to post only to find no internet access. I checked the wireless router, it was fine, rebooted the cable modem but the network light on it wouldn't light up. I checked the television and our cable was out too. Just static. Turns out, there was a city-wide cable outage. That meant our TV, internet and VOIP phone were down. So I couldn't make my post.

As for yesterday's missing post. I have no excuse. I dropped the ball on that one. So time to play catchup. Three posts today.

Thursday night I had an interesting dream. Dreams are supposed to be interesting but mine still surprise me the themes I get. I don't think I would ever act this way in reality.

In the dream:

I got a tip that three assassins were coming to my house. Their target, I'm not sure but it wasn't good and I had to defend my home. The tip I got was a package of cheese that was delivered to me moments before. It's unclear if someone related to the assassins sent it or if someone was trying to warn me, but the cheese was the universal sign that killers were coming. It's not quite 'He sleeps with the fishes.'

Within moments (time goes very fast in dreams), I saw three men approaching the house. It was daylight out and they were very cocky about their arrival, shouting at the house and waltzing up the driveway making their intentions very clear. The garage door was open and the first two were coming in. I had a pistol, took a shot at the first assassin and he went down like a sack of potatoes. The other two, seeing their peer fall seemed unphased by the loss. They continued with the verbal barrage and confidence that they were going to carry out their mission.

The second assassin who was close behind the now dead one, made it into the house. I took my second shot, practically point blank range right at the man's forehead. The bullet entered, didn't exit. The man stopped in his tracks but stood there. He also flashed a smile, but otherwise didn't move or say a word. I knew there was a third killer somewhere on the premises, so I needed to move on past this guy to track him down. I touched the bullet hole on the guy's forehead and it didn't go deep. I could feel the metal surface of the back of the bullet right on the surface of his head. When I pushed the bullet just a millimeter, blood streamed from the wound. The man still didn't move and still had the smile plastered on his face. Deciding he was no longer a threat, I left the smiling, bullet-marked, catatonic man standing in the hallway to the find the third.

I found the last man in the backyard on a bulldozer. He ran over the fence dragging panels with him making all kinds of noise. I grabbed the man, pulled him from the bulldozer, grabbed him by his ankles and proceeded to smack him face down on the fence panels he tore down. His body remained rigid and holding him just by his ankles I was able to smack him down like I was holding a two by four. I did this repeatedly smashing him down as hard and as fast I could. I don't remember any visible injuries appearing on the man but it was clear, I was taking him out and he was no longer a threat.

That's all I remember. I believe I woke up shortly after that.