Saturday, May 27, 2006

Gmail Size Hits the Century Mark

I held it off as long as I could but my Gmail email account currently has 100 Mb of saved emails. That's after I cleaned out the Spam folder which usually knocks off 4-5 Mb (sad). I remember when Gmail first got started, Yahoo email only allowed 5 to 6 Mb, but they didn't archive every message either. Now, of course, to compete they allow 100 Mb. It might be 200 Mb by now, which I would be filling up if that were my primary account. So here I sit, praising google in a Google blog service. Kinda implicates me, doesn't it?

I got the Gmail account in April 2004, so after a couple of years use, 100 Mb. I did receive some good size attachments over those years which I usually deleted. Some things I kept but most got trashed to save space. They were usually pictures of other people's kids or flash programs or joke images which I have no interest in going back to visit.

My first Gmail email was to Mrs. Lock. It read: "Hey baby. Check out my new email."

Watson, come quick, I need you.