Tuesday, May 16, 2006

24's Jason Bourne

While watching one of the best shows on television, 24, I started to notice some similarities between the main character, Agent Jack Bauer and the main character in a series of books I'm reading named Jason Bourne. Robert Ludlum, the author who created Jason Bourne in a trilogy of books, details a militant covert operative who worked for the government in the blackest of ops. His fighting skills in both hand to hand and weapons were unequaled and the world's best (worst?) terrorists couldn't best Bourne when confronted. He could be in the worst of situations, infiltrate the tighest security and he get out of anything with just a scratch. Sound familiar?

Also, look at the name. Jason Bourne. Jack Bauer. Same initials, last name soft, almost French sounding. Coincidence or are the 24 producers paying tribute?

They turned two of the three Ludlum books into movies starring Matt Damon as Jason Bourne.