Monday, May 29, 2006

Dream Journal

I had a dream last night that I wore a suit that would make me invisible. I needed the helmet to make my head disappear. I'm not sure what I was using the suit for, I think for the forces of good but I can't remember. Seems like an easy thing to abuse.

I do remember saving someone from a storm or earthquake or something natural disaster related. She was out in the middle of a storm's path, I picked her up, threw her over my shoulder and was looking for a safe spot. There was a K-mart and a Firestone building on the block as I tried to decide which one to enter. I was about to choose the K-mart, but something changed my mind; something I remembered about the store which I can't think of right now that made me choose the other store. I delivered the woman to safety in the Firestone store. Can you imagine a completely invisible person carrying a woman slung over the shoulder? What that would look like? And why did I need the invisible suit to do that?

After delivering the woman to safety, I found my 16 month old daughter in the shop of the Firestone store changing a car's oil! The staff seemed surprised a baby could do that. For some reason I wasn't but I was very proud. She still can't talk but she can change a car's oil.

That's all I can remember.