Sunday, May 14, 2006

Video Games for Mom

Happy Mother's Day. I sleep with one. Not mine but rather my daughter's. I should call my mom and probably will here in a few. Ah Oedipus. What were you thinking?

E3 is ending tonight. I'm not sure why I'm very interested in the video game industry. I am a bit of a game-head, but I don't buy enough of their products or fast enough to really have the interest I do. I listen to PC Gamer's podcast every week even though I haven't bought a PC game in over six months and maybe average like two a year. I bought an Xbox long after it was out and even discounted. But hearing about what's new with video games interests me greatly for some reason. Maybe it's the technology that is developed to make some amazing looking games. Impressive video graphics isn't necessary for me to like a game, most of the ones I like are very simple looking, but it doesn't hurt. It's a bonus for the title if it looks great.