Sunday, May 21, 2006

You Gonna Have Another?

I know I wasn't alone this but growing up, I got asked when I was getting a girlfriend. When I got one, I got asked when we'd get married. When I got married, it was when was I going to have kids. And now that I have a 15 month old, it's when is the next one?

I know people are just making conversation. They might be a bit curious about how I make decisions but for the most part they don't care. After the conversation, it is forgotten and their own lives take priority.

So being asked about a second kid, it gets me thinking. We waited eight years to have the first one, I jokingly reply it'll be another eight. But I'm in no real hurry for another one. Our current daughter has brought me so much joy and has added so much purpose to my own life, I find no need for another.

And it only seems offensive to our current child if we have another. It's like we're telling her, 'you were great and all but you've outgrown the happiness you bring us and now we want newer model.'

So I'm in no hurry. Only biology is pressuring us but that's why I married a youngin'. Doesn't matter how old I get.