Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Relaxing Weekend

Happy Seis de Mayo!

Ah, I love weekends. 2/3 of the Lock family is out of town visiting with mom-in-law and stepdad-in-law. I'm home playing through a That 70's Show marathon (TiVo almost got full) while playing World of Warcraft. It's quiet except for the trickle of the filter system in my fresh water tank. For lunch I had microwaved two chicken patties and two corn dogs. No chips in the house. Had two Hawaiian Punches to drink. I guess two is the theme of the day.

It's a beautiful day out. Sunshine is bright, temp is not too hot at a nice springy 64 degrees. I was thinking about doing some yard work, but I've got the house to myself today. Why don't I enjoy it's vast interior and peaceful environment while I can. Besides we had a rabbits nest that just "hatched" this week. The baby bunnies are scrambled all over the yard. Would hate to mow one of them over. It's not a pretty sight (or smell).

I saw MI3 last night. It was ok. Not as good as the first but probably better than the second. I'm not a big J.J. Abrams fan, the director. I've only seen one Alias and I gave Lost a try for a season but I didn't care for either. The movie had some key Abrams moments in it, the elements that turned me off his shows so oops.

During the movie, someone lit up a cigarette. Everyone could smell it. I don't think I've ever seen that before in a theater. Seconds later, someone yelled out that whoever had the cigarette that they needed to put it out pronto. Only he used different words to try and motivate the law breaker. It worked. The smoke cleared in a couple of minutes. Personally I don't care, I just realized I don't think I've ever noticed that before. I do remember as a kid, the movie promos would ban talking and smoking (back in the day). Smoking got dropped at some point (although I still see it occasionally) and replaced with turning off cell phones.

Anyway, back to my recreations. I still owe the blog a post. I will have 31 for this month before it's over.