Sunday, May 07, 2006

Will The Truth Set You Free?

As my 15 month old gets older, she's of course learning new things everyday. When Mrs. Lock notices, she might attribute it to something that I suspect is of an intelligence beyond Baby Lock's months/years. But Mrs. Lock swears she did this or recognized that for a certain reason that our daughter was fully cognizant about. My questioning and doubtful mind kicks in and I wonder if that's what really happened.

I do think it's important to assume your kid is smart in all cases. If you treat your kid like he/she is smart, they'll try to fit the role.

So I'm a doubting Thomas and I apply the same reasoning to my daughter's actions as I do with all things in life which causes an internal conflict. The side that wants the truth vs. the side that wants a smart daughter and to show my support as her father. And I'm not sure I can turn off the questioning side. Is it really appropriate in those events? I'm not always going to be right. Just out of chance or due to my inexperience with raising children, I'm going to be wrong on occasion and she really is advanced on whatever she did and her dad is going to incorrectly write it off as an accident and not encourage and reward such behavior? Not good.