Friday, May 05, 2006

Lapsive Memory

I made up a word.

So I forgot to post yesterday. I try to make a promise and I don't last four days on it. WTF(reak)?

Things are extremely busy at work but that's no excuse. In fact, it should be source material. The best I can do is talk about yesterday. I hauled in a crate off the dock, wooden and sealed with about a hundred industrial size screws. It was probably a good half ton and the size of it, it could've easily have housed a coffin. In fact in looked like what a coffin crate would look like. It was very difficult to maneuver it through the building, around corners, through doors. A lot of people stood and stared, made coffin jokes.

I gotta make another post later today to make up for my lapse. If I did this four days into my promise to post every month, I'm probably going to commit the offense again before it's over. I guess I'll just have to repeat the process until I get it right.

Look out June!