Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I owe the blog another entry. So here it is.

There was a time when my blog was pretty anonymous. It still is mostly. I don't use any real names or locations. But enough people who know me are aware of my blog's existence. It probably doesn't help that I linked it from my personal website at: ah ah ah. I'm not telling you. It's like trying to find out where Fez is from or where the Simpsons live.

Not so anonymous anymore so I can't tell you about my sexcapades with homeless people or that I haven't paid taxes ever (bring it IRS! The S stands for SUCK!) or that I kidnapped a clown and keep him stuffed in an abandoned well I have in my backyard. His paint is starting to run. Probably from all the crying... and from pissing himself. Do you know they put the paint all over? Fascinating. Whenever he gets too hoarse from shouting and starts using the horn, it always brings a smile to my face. Maybe one day I'll let him go. Or maybe I'll see how many of his colleagues I can jam into that well with him.

Another benny for remaining anonymous. If the Clown Antidefemation League (CAL) knew who to send letters to, I'm guessing I would've got a pretty nasty one from those bozos.